BMW Transalp

Emma and Clemens left Berlin with a car packed with props, equipment and personal luggage. A married couple is starring in a short film about their trip from Germany over the Tyrolean and Swiss alps into Italy, entirely written, directed and edited by Clemens. Exploring the most personal possible way of producing this film, no production crew was necessary whilst the white rental car worked as a production and transport vehicle, as well as the crucial protagonist of a road trip. A photographic journal explores additional intimate angles and insides of the journey.

The Swimmers

Emma went to a quiet house in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California, to meet the synchronized swimmers "The Aqualillies" - the most glamorous water ballet and artistic swimming entertainment company. Together they created a body of work which is performative, feminine and empowering, where affinity, act and drama leaps through dark shades of blue. Emma went up and down the water, photographing their dance under the surface and their stillness above it. No crew and shot over the course of one morning, produced by Clemens Purner and assisted by Emme Nguyen

Das Badeschloss

The Berlin based actor and entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein became an overnight celebrity after his appearance in the world famous Edeka commercials “Supergeil”. Little known was that he was a sincere artist who had a very personal project in the making that combined his love for the Salzburg spa town Bad Gastein and his approach to pop music. He commissioned Clemens to write, produce and direct an intimate music video for his song “Das Badeschloss”. Over the course of several trips to Bad Gastein Clemens created a music video that captures the essence of Friedrichs Music as well as the ageing beauty of the remarkable town of Bad Gastein.

Mercedes Benz 'Grow Up'

Emma was commissioned by Antoni Berlin to create a personal interpretation of Mercedes Benz then "Grow Up" campaign. Clemens started the production which included budgeting, location scouting and communicating with the client, whilst Emma focused on the creative part and story telling. She took the photographs as they drove through south of France to find the most impressive and beautiful landscapes, and set the vibe of a young family living through summer.

In Substance 

Emma was commissioned by the furniture and design brand IN SUBSTANCE based in Mannheim, Germany, and created by Dennis Adelmann and Carolin Wanitzek. The client gave Emma completely free hands to create whatever vision she had, and stressed that they wanted her to make it as close to her artistic practice as possible, rather than a flat commercial look. Their dark, sculptural and impressive creations seemed to fit in well in the natural world, and Emma is drawn to water and rocks, she proposed for them to drive from Mannheim to Denmark, near Copenhagen where she was then living. With a truck filled with their design, and Clemens as the producer, they spent an entire day at the beach trying to capture the middle point between the client and Emmas vision.


Spanish knitwear brand Babaá commissioned Emma to take a series of photographs for them. Interpreted through their standpoint, which is a unique and special way of working with local Spanish wool and cotton farmers and create a special bond with their customers, Emma wanted to do a series of self portraits with her children photographed in Styria, near where she is based. Creating a visual image of performance, theatre and intimacy within a family, she found a way to bring in the feeling of the product and client in to her world.

What's Essential is Invisible to the Eye

Based on the famous quote from the Small Prince, this short film is a great showcase of what can happen when total creative freedom is met with the approach of accessibility in order to stay relevant. The essential concept was to create a spec piece that will give openminded clients an idea of what images can be created within the framework of a vignette film. The result is still a pleasure to show, and the response is still equally positive and pleasing. The film was shot in Berlin and Tyrol.  

The Danish Dancers

Emma had a long meeting with dancers from the royal ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together they wanted to create a narrative based on the sensual nature of a performer, and bring in the wet, misty and romantic environment of the Danish costal town. Created, styled and developed by Emma and Clemens produced.  

Volkswagen 'Nothing'

Clemens was contacted by agency DDB Paris. They had won the French Volkswagen budget and wanted to set a creative exclamation point. The idea was to produce a film that will be ready on time for Cannes, but at the same time not used as a spec, but as a national TVC. The creatives at DDB knew my films “What is Essential” and “Transalp”, and, in a nutshell, wanted him to recreate his vision for their brilliant scrip. The film film was shot in just 3 days in and around Lisbon.  Editing and post-production was done in Paris, grading was done in London.  At the Cannes Festival, the film then won a Bronze Lion, followed by a Clio Award, an Epica Award, as well as the two French prizes Grand Prix Strategies de la Publicité and Grand Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques. The film is shown on French television and in cinemas up to this day (as of 2020).

Together with the agency, Clemens presented the film to the VW board in France. The presentation took place in individual screenings in front of 3 board members, 3 men between 55 and 65 years of age, who were, to put it mildly, conservative in their understanding of advertising and film. The reaction of the first gentleman was: “Je ne comprends pas. Je n'ai pas ce film. Je suis désolé, mais je ne comprends pas l’idée. " In English: "I don't understand. I do not understand this film. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what the idea is here. " Then the man got up and left the room. Although we were all convinced that we were holding a very special film in our hands, there was suddenly a lot of tension. Nobody expected that after weeks of euphoria. But then the reaction of the 2nd board: “J'aime cela!” "I love it!" And the 3rd gentleman: “Félicitations!” "Congratulations!" Once accepted, he reactions after the publication on French television were overwhelmingly positive.

Motherhood Studies

Motherhood Studies, the most personal work to date, was created by Emma between 2018-2020. Working with 15 different women and their children in Denmark, she aimed to talk about a woman's identity shift after birth. Something Emma experienced herself, it felt important to give space and spotlight to women in their most vulnerable, lonely but also deeply transforming time of their life. It happened when Emma was on a break from commercial work to find her artistic voice again, after giving birth to her second child.

Hiking For Emails

Clemens met Mahabir Pun during his travels to Nepal, looking for a project that could be supported for charity. Mahabir Pun, a simple man from the mountains around Pokhara in western Nepal had brought an incredible project to life. At the end of the 1990s, at a time when WiFi practically did not even exist in large western cities, he had the idea of ​​bringing wireless internet to the most remote mountain regions and thus helping the local population to gain education, housing and health. Clemens accompanied Dr Mahabir Pun on a multi-week hike through the mountains around his home village. Filmed on an Ikonoskop D|| 16mm camera the film has been viewed over 130K times on Vimeo and received the Staff Pick award. The film was featured in the US magazines THE ATLANTIC, QUARTZ, VICE MOTHERBOARD, AOAN and SMITHJOURNAL. To this day, people from all over the world have contacted us who saw the film and now feel the need to support Mahabir Pun’s projects.


Walter Holzer of the Berghotel Sexten commissioned Clemens to create and produce and overall new and updated moving image appearance for his house. 

Clemens decided to underline the authenticity of the Berghotel Sexten and the various activities possible in and around the house by creating a series of short, entertaining and deliberately unpretentious videos, hosted by the charismatic hotel owner Walter himself. Fun fact: All films are produced and acted by Walter in 3 languages!

The project was shot amidst the difficulties of the COVID restrictions in 2020. Due to the travel restrictions and lock-downs, the shoot of the winter episodes had to be postponed until 2021/2022. 

Botanical Studies

Emma was commissioned to photograph a still life study of botanics and scents. Produced by Clemens and photographed by Emma in their first home together in Berlin, the couple found props and ideas  for Emma to photograph a remarkable essay.

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