Family Affair is a wife and husband artist duo based in Vienna. From a personal and unique point of view, we offer photography, film and creative consulting for those interested in an artistic approach. We both come from an industry where a fast paced approach and digital pressure can sometimes take over the artistry of things, so we want to aim for the time and space for a genuine collaboration. We enjoy to think of the bigger picture; the overall look of a brand, the emotions and impact of the imagery - and the narrative that binds it all together. We chose projects carefully, we listen and collaborate with our clients and we aim to make a personal yet accessible.

Emma and Clemens met in Berlin in 2014. The pair quickly felt that they understood each other from both a personal and professional perspective - having similar passions and preferences, the art they created individually was always supported by the other. Naturally, they started working on every production together whether personal or commercially, and thus, their work grew together and into the same direction. After living and working in several European cities - Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen - and having two children along the way - they finally landed in Vienna and decided to create a business based on their experiences; where they can offer a visual identity to brands they connect to. They have previously worked with everything from large commercial clients, to luxury, fashion, tourism and gastronomy. 

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Emma Hartvig is an artist and photographer originally from Sweden. She studied Photography at the University of the Arts, London, and as a graduate she quickly ventured into working commercially with the likes from the luxury and fashion industry. Alongside working with brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Loewe, Vestiaire and Lancôme - as well as publications such as AnOther Magazine, Vogue and Wallpaper*, she kept a close relationship with her art work and continuously created her own personal photography. In 2020 she was selected for the group show "All in this together" in Milan as a part of Photo Vogue, curated by Alessia Glaviano. Her work has been published in the Hatje Cantz Verlag-published The Swimming Pool in Photography and Rizzoli’s Pools. 

Clemens Purner is an Austrian film director and creative consultant. He always wanted to be a film maker, spending plenty of time in front of the cinema screen or behind a camera lens. After attending Miami Ad School in Hamburg in an early age, he quickly realized that the craftsmanship in being self taught and plainly just making your own movies was his passion. Along the road, Clemens has made films for clients such as Volkswagen, T-mobile, Mini, Siemens, DHL, Sony and Universal NBC. His work has been awarded a Cannes Lion, Clio and Epica and press coverage from The Atlantic, Quartz and Vice. 

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